White wines

Cserszegi Fűszeres (Mátra)

With enticing traits that bring up associations of juicey grapes, peaches, granny smith apples and flowers. A glass of pure joy. The síp isharmonius,rich and entertaining at the same time.

glass(1dl): 600 Ft | bottle(0,75L): 3 800 Ft | bottle(0,20L):-
Egri Csillag (Eger)

Flowery, citrusy aroma, when gulping with a white pulp peach and mineral finish.
With the coupage of Királyleányka, sauvignon blanc, hárslevelű and rajnai rizling a rich tasting Egri csillag was born.

glass(1dl): | bottle(0,75L): 4 200 Ft | bottle(0,20L):-
Egerszóláti Olaszrizling (Eger)

It is a genuine olaszrizling with good acids and vivid, fresh citruses and a relatively long finish. One of the best genre wines – magnificent either in itself or for spritzers.

glass(1dl): | bottle(0,75L): 4 400 Ft | bottle(0,20L):-
Irsai Olivér (Etyek-Buda)

Intensive, cajoling, flowery fragrance with traces of fresh citruses and green apples – it appeases thirst smoothly. A light body, little alcohol content, a truly drinkable wine that evokes summer. An excellent choice for spritzers, too.

glass(1dl): 620 Ft | bottle(0,75L): 4 290 Ft | bottle(0,20L):-
Sauvignon Blanc (Eger)

In its aroma fresh, citrusy and exotic fruit. Smooth balance in the mouth, beside favourable acid intensive fruitiness: mango, honeydew, tropical fruit.

glass(1dl): | bottle(0,75L): 4 590 Ft | bottle(0,20L):-
Furmint-Hárslevelű (Tokaj)

In its pleasantly intense perfumed scent, notes of tropical fruits, linden and acacia blossom can be discovered. Vibrant flavour complemented with fine fizziness and nice acidity. On the finish exciting notes of ripe grapefruit and lime are more present.

glass(1dl): | bottle(0,75L): 4 490 Ft | bottle(0,20L):-
Chardonnay Battonage (Eger)

Battonage Chardonnay, the fresh fruity taste of which is wonderfully complemented by elegant flavour of great wines, the barique matureing. It is a characteristic fragrant wine with lively acid content which the pleasant vanilla aromas of new barique barrels highlight even further enriching it with some additional flavours.

glass(1dl): | bottle(0,75L): 6 200 Ft | bottle(0,20L):-
Sauvignon Blanc (Új-Zéland - Marlborough)

A nose of grass, gooseberry and kiwi, framed by citrus. The vitality of the gulp is made up of the medium acidity and the intense flavour rhyming with the fragrance. Mint spiciness complements the composition. Its finish is fruity, long-tasting.

glass(1dl): | bottle(0,75L): 7 900 Ft | bottle(0,20L):-

Red wines

Indián Nyár (Eger)

The nose opens with a hint of red fruitiness reminiscent of sour cherry and plum. To the palate it is refreshing, followed by silky notes of spiciness, mainly clove.

glass(1dl): 750 Ft | bottle(0,75L): 4 900 Ft | bottle(0,20L):-
Pinot Noir (Mátra)

Nice and fresh pinot noir character, with red berries, like rose-hips and fine acidity.

glass(1dl): 750 Ft | bottle(0,75L): 4 900 Ft | bottle(0,20L):-
Shiraz (Ausztrália)

Out of a classic Australian grape variety a round acid, spice dominant, rich flavour red wine was created. Its aroma contains several components from black forest fruit to pepper. It is a well drinkable fruit explosion.

glass(1dl): | bottle(0,75L): 5 500 Ft | bottle(0,20L):-
Bikavér (Eger)

An elegant bull’s blood, It has an intensive aroma: forest fruit, black sweet cherry, the earthiness of volcanic and chalky soil and tobacco are blending in it. It is a balaned wine, larger than average body, medium tannin and alcohol levels, round acids characterize it wih a long finish.

glass(1dl): | bottle(0,75L): 6 300 Ft | bottle(0,20L):-
Ludányi Balázs Kékfrankos (Mátra)

Dark raspberry in colour, with intensive sour cherry flavours and cherry aromas.

glass(1dl): | bottle(0,75L): 6 500 Ft | bottle(0,20L):-
Kadarka Fúzió (Szekszárd)

A cherry-like, spicy, red berry fruitiness typical of kadarka. It has noticable fines, has a warm character, is a drinkable, exciting kadarka.

glass(1dl): | bottle(0,75L): 6 400 Ft | bottle(0,20L):-
Malbec (Argentína)

This wine has rich aroma with black and red berries and a hint of tobacco. It swallows with juicy, ripe and luscious fruit, especially black cherries and black currant. It is a complex and well drinkable item.

glass(1dl): | bottle(0,75L): 6 500 Ft | bottle(0,20L):-
Villányi Franc (Villány)

This wine unites all the good qualities of the kind and the terroir. Its red colour tending to black, its intensive complex, spicy, fruity fragrance, versatility and content discovered in its tastes make this wine exciting and great.

glass(1dl): | bottle(0,75L): 7 500 Ft | bottle(0,20L):-

Rosé wines

Kékfrankos Rosé (Mátra)

A subtle strawberry, blackberry, wine aroma, vibrant acids, long, spicy gulp. Pure fruit and elegance with a taste typical of kékfrankos.

glass(1dl): 550 Ft | bottle(0,75L): 4 200 Ft | bottle(0,20L):-
Rosé (Eger)

A light, elegant rozé, a harmonious unity of spicy and fruity aromas. Thanks to its favourable acid structure, it is perfectly apt for spritzers. It is a brilliant matching to spicy, peppery and tomatoe flavour meals.

glass(1dl): | bottle(0,75L): 4 400 Ft | bottle(0,20L):-
Rosé Cuvée (Szekszárd)

Light rosé; intense and persistent aroma of Mediterranean maquis, with cherry and raspberry notes. A fresh and elegant wine, balanced in the mouth.

glass(1dl): 620 Ft | bottle(0,75L): 4 200 Ft | bottle(0,20L):-

Sweet wines

Szamorodni (édes) (Tokaj)

The wine has a straw yellow colour. Its scent is complex in which dried apricot and acacia honey notes prevail. Refreshing acids in the mouth are followed by the vigorous combination of dried apricots and acacia honey while the ripe,
fruity aromas provide a sense of completeness.

glass(1dl): | bottle(0,75L): 4 490 Ft | bottle(0,20L):-
Tokaji 5 Puttonyos Aszú 2017 (Tokaj)

A beautifully golden aszu wine with complex aroma traits. It is characterized by rich fruitiness, apricots and spices, figs and peaches and favourable botritys traits. Its balanced sweetness is supplemented with crispy acids coupled with a fresh sensation and a long finish.

glass(1dl): | bottle(0,75L): 9 490 Ft | bottle(0,20L):-
Édes lányom
Tóth Ferenc
Édes Lányom (Eger)

Light straw yellow wine with a large bouquet of flowers in its scent. Filling into the glass, the aromas of jasmine, geranium, grape flowers are immediately revealed. Acid alcohol-sugar triple is well balanced. Almond bitterness and mature apple tone make the wine exciting in its finish.

glass(1dl): 600 Ft | bottle(0,75L): 3 450 Ft | bottle(0,20L):-


Pirosbor Siller (Dél-Balaton és Balatonboglár)

A crimson red, intensively fruity, spicy, fresh, light shiller wine with lovely acid character. It goes perfectly with aromatic peppers, dried tomatoes and grilled steak. It is a fundamental type for spritzer lovers.

glass(1dl): | bottle(0,75L): 3 490 Ft | bottle(0,20L):-


Rosé Prosecco Extra Dry DOC

A youthful appearance and content. Aroma and taste evoking rozé wines from Provance – a light, fresh and cheerful choice!

glass(1dl): | bottle(0,75L): 4 990 Ft | bottle(0,20L):-
Gyöngyöző Hárslevelű BIO (Tokaj)

A bright, straw-coloured wine with delicate aroma featuring some apple, pear, apricot and freshly baked bread traits. A full-bodied taste with vivid bubbles, fresh, balanced acidity.

glass(1dl): | bottle(0,75L): 4 590 Ft | bottle(0,20L):-
Furmint Pezsgő Extra Brut

The brilliant body is golden yellow in colour. The bubbles are fine, while the foam is discreet yet lingering. The nose, very open and expressive, delivers aromas of fruit and brioche. it also gives off the fragrance of peach, white flowers
(hawthorn, acacia) and vanilla pod.

glass(1dl): | bottle(0,75L): 6 990 Ft | bottle(0,20L):-
Prosecco Treviso Brut (Olaszország)

Dense and small bubbles catalyse citrusy, green spice, apple and pear flavours. It is barely possible to wait for its incredibly succulent finish – this exceptional sparkling buzz will sweep you off your feet!

glass(1dl): | bottle(0,75L): | bottle(0,20L):1 290 Ft